Want to know who is Queen mandala?

Sometimes, questions appear in our head, when you found our website, the first one is probably : I Want to know who is Queen mandala. We will try in this page to give you infos about her.

Want to know who is Queen mandala?

Want to know who is Queen mandala
Want to know who is Queen mandala?

Queen mandala are first of all a nickname, give to a simple Canadian girl by her boyfriend. She draw more and more mandalas and like to see those with color. With the help of her boyfriend, she propose you a nice collection of those kind of artwork here, that you can print and color at home. To relax, take time to think or only past time, enjoy those free pages with us.

Dont be shy, share your favorites ones with your friends and/or family. And send us your drawings (by email to info@queenmandala.com) to have a chance to be in our artist album section.

You want more informations about her?
artherapie.ca/qui suis-je
*text in french!!

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